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Bathroom Vanities

Buying a brand new bathroom vanity breathes a new life to your old bathroom. Once you decide on the concept and aesthetic you want to go with in your remodel, you can find the most stylish, modern bathroom designs here at Casa Mare. To allow for more creative freedom with your bathroom renovations, our products come in various colors such as the classic white, sturdy walnut for a rustic feel, or modern and bold gray and black. One of the most important decisions in purchasing new bathroom vanities is going to be about the size, ranging from small bathroom vanities or big and bold double bathroom vanity sets. You are advised to take your bathroom’s measurements into account before you start shopping. No matter how small or large your bathroom might be, you can find suitable luxury bathroom vanity sets or single vanities on our website.

Small bathrooms no longer have to mean you have to give up on your ideal aesthetic for functionality. Our single sink vanities come in various sizes such as 24″, 32″, 36″, 40″ and 48″; in order to fit into any type of space without you needing to worry over every inch of your bathroom. For more spacious bathrooms, like master bathrooms, our 60″ and 72″ double vanities offer you just the exact amount of space to get creative with design while still being able to share your bathroom with the people you are living with, without causing a hassle while you are getting ready in the morning.

Should you decide to purchase bathroom vanities with tops, you can rest assured that Casa Mare has selections of colors and materials that will be suitable for all types of bathroom aesthetics. You get to coordinate your brand new, modern and exciting bathroom vanity with your existing bathroom features. We have a wide array of options regarding different styles of countertops and cabinets that you can match with either farmhouse sinks, wash basins or vessel bathroom sinks; which create entirely different auras. You can opt to purchase vanities with modern touches or go for classy, bold and elegant wood bathroom vanities, including oak vanities.

Have you had enough of the classic design of bathroom vanities with cabinets attached at the bottom, or do you already have enough closed storage space and want to look for something different? Our floating bathroom vanity sets were made just for you. They are definitely new and modern, a breath of fresh air among other bathroom furniture that are more or less the same; and on top of that they are still highly functional and can make your bathroom look exactly like you have always dreamed of while still fulfilling all your needs. We also offer more design and decoration options in terms of items you can put up your walls, such as mirrors and lights.

You no longer have to search around for bathroom vanities clearance, since Casa Mare offers bathroom vanities for sale year-round. Our products are both affordable and high-quality; serving our customers with the best products for the cost.
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